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READA blog is all about you and your class beginning and continuing a conversation with your readers. Because you can’t meet face to face (f2f), somewhere on your blog, you will need to introduce yourself.  There is usually a page called “About” or “About Me” in your sidebar. 

1.  Write about  your class on your “About” page.  Remember though to be internet savvy.  Check out these sites for what to say or not say. Here are some examples of students and teachers who have already introduced themselves to their readers.   Write in the comments for this post what you think should be included in your class ‘About’ page.

2.  Begin a blogging glossary using any words written in orange . I suggest an excel spreadsheet so you can sort alphabetically at the end of the blogging sessions.


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I was a middle school teacher who retired in 2012 but still loves helping other teachers to use technology in their classrooms. In my spare time I enjoy tracing my family history and helping others with their genealogy as well as chatting with my friends around the world. But most of all, I enjoy travelling and visiting new places.

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